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Rotating Proxies (IPs)

Equip yourself with a new IP with every connection and enjoy a block-free proxying experience. No limits to hold you back – our rotating proxies start at $4/GB!

65M+ global IP pool
195+ proxy locations
24/7 support
99.99% uptime
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Rotating Proxies (IPs) by Smartproxy

What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a proxy type that regularly changes the user's IP address. Either after each connection or at user-set intervals. This continuous rotation of IPs enhances user anonymity, helping users avoid restrictions, CAPTCHAs, or IP bans.

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Real IP addresses

High-quality, carefully vetted IPs from residential devices. Different types of rotating proxies are available, including residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies.

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Unblockable proxies

Experience block-free rotating proxy performance with 99.99% uptime and 99.68% success rate.

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Advanced IP targeting

Choose IPs from more than 195+ locations, and enable country, state, city, zip code, and/or ASN targeting in a simple click.

Flexible rotating proxy pricing plans


2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly


2 GB

Save 6%



Total: $16

$15 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back


3 IPs



$7.5 + VAT billed monthly

14-day money-back

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Rotating Proxies For Web Scraping

Tired of resetting your proxy and setting up proxy lists? Try our extensive rotating proxy network and get a new IP address with every connection.

Target all major data sources, including Amazon and Google. Get ready-to-digest data with a rotating proxy network as fast as lightning.

Proxy type

Sticky session

Rotating session

Residential IP

10 min


Every connection request

Datacenter IP

15 or 30 min


Every connection request

Rotating residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies use cases

Proxy type


Best for:

- Multi-accounting

- Web scraping

- Ad Tech

- Market intelligence

- Cyber security

- Browsing

- Multiple social media profiles management

- Ads verification & management

- Scraping sophisticated websites


- 195+ locations

- City-level targeting

- <0.5s response time

- 99.68% success rate

- Pay As You Go option

- Free Trial

- Locations worldwide

- 100K+ shared IPs

- 400+ subnets

- <0.3s proxy speed

- Flexible pricing model

- Up to 30 min. sticky sessions

- 3G/4G/5G proxies

- 160+ locations

- OS filtering

- 700+ mobile carriers

- ASN and country-level targeting

Why Smartproxy?

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Only vetted IPs

Our proxies come from partners that collect consent from each IP owner. So with each IP, you’re in for high quality and safety. Learn about our ethical sourcing.

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Spartan setup

Access stats like traffic usage and top targets, assign team roles, and whitelist IPs straight in your dashboard. Or download our Chrome or Firefox extensions to get started even faster.

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Advanced targeting

Hop between 195+ locations around the world, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy city or country-level targeting with our next-level targeting.

24/7 support icon

24/7 support

Still waiting for that email from the support team? With us, that’s not the case, we’re always available via LiveChat.

Get rotating proxies now – prices start at $2.2/GB*!

We offer a 3-day free trial for our residential proxies, so you can take a test drive risk-free. And with prices starting at just $2.2/GB, no CAPTCHA can stop you!

With our rotating proxy network, you’ll be:

Desktop and mobile devices


Use proxies with any device – set up rotating proxies on any browser or device with our configuration guide, Firefox add-on, Chrome extension, and a range of 3rd party tools.

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We’ve got the best entry point in the market. Our subscriptions let you use the whole proxy network and come with a monthly auto-renewable subscription or the usage-based Pay As You Go option, so you can use our rotating proxies without buying a subscription. Enterprise plans are available via LiveChat.

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We leverage the best proxy server technologies that optimize your connection speed and residential proxy performance beyond anything else in the market. We talk about amazing <0.6s response time for residential proxies and <0.3s for datacenter ones.

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Use a simple backconnect node to target IPs in any location on the planet. No IP blocks & CAPCTHAs because IPs are constantly changing with rotating proxies. Our residential proxies have a 99.68% success rate, and mobile proxies offer the highest success rate among all proxy types

24/7 chat icon

Supported 24/7

We’re here to help you and answer all your questions via LiveChat. And not to mention the extensive library of documentation we’ve got in store.

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Anywhere in the world

195+ locations country and city-level targeting for rotating residential proxies. Datacenter IPs are available in the US and Europe. And over 700+ ASNs with mobile proxies.

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Frequently asked questions

How to use a rotating proxy?

To get started, you'll need to find a reputable rotating proxy provider like Smartproxy that fits your needs and budget. Once you've signed up, you'll receive login details, and then you can choose an optimal proxy type and subscription for your use case.

To use a rotating proxy, you'll need to configure your internet connection settings or install a Chrome extension or Mozilla Firefox add-on. Once the proxy is set up, all your traffic will be routed through the rotating proxies, switching out the IP address with each request or every 1, 10, or 30 minutes.

What are different types of proxies?

When it comes to proxies, there’re a few different types to choose from, each with its unique benefits. Here’re three of the most common types of proxies:

  • Residential proxies. These proxies use IP addresses from real devices like mobile phones or desktop computers. This makes them less likely to be detected as proxies by websites, which can be useful for tasks like web scraping or social media automation.
  • Datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies use IP addresses from data centers rather than residential locations. They're often faster and more affordable than residential proxies, but can be more easily detected and blocked by websites.
  • Mobile proxies. Mobile proxies use IPs of mobile devices connected to cellular networks.  They can be helpful for social media accounts creation or app testing. They’re more expensive than other types of proxies, but are often more reliable and harder to detect.

What is static vs. rotating proxy?

A static proxy uses a single IP for a longer period. This means that all your internet traffic will be routed through the same IP address, making it easier for websites to detect and block your access. However, static proxies can be handy for tasks that require a consistent IP, such as accessing a specific website or server.

A rotating proxy switches between IPs at your preferred rate. This can make it more difficult for websites to detect and block your access since your IP addresses are constantly changing. Rotating proxies are often used for web scraping, market, and social media intelligence tasks.

How do I get a rotating IP address?

If you need a rotating IP address, the easiest way is to grab a subscription from a rotating proxy provider. There’re many reputable providers out there, and each one works a little bit differently, but the basic idea is the same: you'll be given access to a pool of IP addresses with a feature to rotate the IPs.

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Discover fast and reliable rotating proxies for your data collection, multi-accounting, ad verification, and other business projects.

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