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Collect web data from even the most advanced websites by leveraging advanced proxy solutions and easy-to-integrate tools.

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Free Proxy Tools and Apps

Improved efficiency with complimentary tools

  • X Browser
    X Browser

    Manage multiple profiles with just a few clicks. Get unique fingerprints, use different browser profiles, and custom start pages. Learn more

  • Chrome Browser Extension
    Chrome Browser Extension

    Experience advanced extension for your browser with one-click IP rotation, customizable session length, and the ability to switch between proxies. Learn more

  • Firefox Browser Add-on
    Firefox Browser Add-on

    Overcome restrictions, connect to any target with a one-click proxy setup, and manage multiple browser profiles easier. Learn more

  • Proxy Checker
    Proxy Checker

    Verify your proxy list in bulk, filter out spammy or blacklisted proxies, and ensure they don’t compromise your online activities. Learn more

How can proxy tools help your business?

Improve your efficiency and complete your day-to-day tasks easier.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

Research competitors, track SERP, access localized content, and expand your brand’s organic presence across all major search engines.

Web scraping

Web scraping

Collect real-time data without facing CAPTCHAs or IP bans and generate valuable insights that help you scale your business.



Utilize targeted advertising, detect bot traffic to prevent fraud, save your marketing budget, and test affiliate marketing links using a 65M+ IP pool.

Multiple account management

Multiple account management

Set up individual accounts for each of your brands, separate your personal and professional profiles, and run automation tools without any restrictions.

Locations around the globe

Unlock yourself from geo-restrictions by utilizing our extensive proxy pool. Access IPs from America, Europe, Africa, Australia, or Asia with a click.

Configurations & integrations

Easily integrate Smartproxy solutions with any third-party tools and apps. Explore our guides to get started right away.



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Frequently asked questions

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediary between a user's device and the internet. By plugging in a proxy server, users can mask their original IP address, access geo-restricted content, and avoid CAPTCHAs or IP bans when collecting publicly available data or completing other traffic-intensive tasks.

What is multiple account management?

Multi-accounting allows users to create and manage different profiles on various platforms, helping to separate personal and professional accounts.

What is an antidetect browser?

Antidetect browsers hide users' digital fingerprints, making it hard for websites to track their personal information, including cookies. They're often used for privacy, security, or to bypass various restrictions.

Can I use Smartproxy Chrome Browser Extension or Firefox Browser Add-on with proxies from any provider?

Yes! Both of our tools are open to use with any provider’s proxies.

Is Smartproxy Proxy Checker compatible with any provider proxies?

Yes, you can bulk-test other providers’ proxies with Smartproxy Proxy Checker.

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