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Backconnect Proxy

What is a backconnect proxy?

A backconnect proxy is a type of proxy server that dynamically assigns users a rotating set of IPs. It ensures versatile and secure internet access, making it ideal for tasks like web scraping, data mining, and maintaining anonymity online.

How does a backconnect proxy work?

  1. The user sends a request through the backconnect proxy server, seeking access to a specific website or resource.
  2. The proxy server assigns a new IP address to the user's request, concealing the original IP address.
  3. The proxy server forwards the request to the target website or resource using the new IP address.
  4. The target website or resource returns a response to the proxy server.
  5. The proxy server forwards the response to the user.
  6. This cycle continues with each subsequent request, ensuring ongoing anonymity and security online.

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