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Test residential proxies with a 3-day free trial and save up to 69% off!

Why should you use residential IPs?

Scrape publicly available data, manage multiple accounts, or track price changes in your industry with ease and zero CAPTCHAs.

Premium quality

Premium quality

Access an extensive 55M+ IPs from 195+ locations with a 99.47% success rate and complete your projects with an impressive 99.99% uptime.

Free add-ons

Free add-ons

Unlock extra tools, like Chrome Proxy Extension, Firefox Add-on, and X Browser with every residential proxies subscription.

Best value for money

Best value for money

Choose residential proxies awarded for three years by Proxyway, and tailor it to your needs with Pay As You Go for one-off projects or monthly subscriptions.

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Configurations & Integrations

Learn how to set up your proxies by exploring our integration guides. You can easily plug in Smartproxy solutions with the most popular third-party software.



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Awarded web-data collection solutions provider

Awarded web-data collection solutions provider

Users love our proxies with ethically-sourced IPs around the globe for their exceptional performance, advanced targeting options, and ability to overcome CAPTCHAs, geo-restrictions, and IP bans.

Frequently asked questions

How much do residential proxies cost?

We offer a range of subscription options to match the needs of every user. If you’re seasoned in proxying, you can choose monthly or annual subscription plans; in addition, you can try our residential proxies with a 3-day free trial. 

Or, if you need residential proxies for a one-time project, you can choose a convenient Pay As You Go option and pay for the GBs used. 

What is Pay As You Go and how can I use it?

Pay As You Go is a payment system allowing you to use residential proxies without a monthly subscription. You can access Pay As You Go on the dashboard and purchase GBs for Smartproxy's residential proxies with it.

This payment system is only available with Smart Wallet. Thus you have to top up your Smart Wallet, and only then you'll be able to use Pay As You Go. With Pay As You Go, 1GB costs $8.5 (note that one Smart Wallet credit equals one dollar), and you can purchase only one GB at a time. 

Keep in mind that you can't have a monthly subscription plan and Pay As You Go simultaneously. Learn more about Pay As You Go payment method.

Can I test your proxies?

Sure thing! Try our residential proxies with a 3-day free trial. Go to the Smartproxy dashboard, select a residential proxy plan, and opt for the trial version if you’re a new user. Enjoy 100 MB for 3 days, and after the trial period ends, your chosen plan will activate automatically, and you can cancel anytime before then. Please note that a 14-day money-back option doesn’t apply with a 3-day free trial.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. You can also pay with cryptocurrency for all products except ISP proxies and datacenter proxies (Pay per IP option).

All orders are processed by our online reseller Paddle – The complete payments, tax, and subscriptions solution for SaaS, which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via

How the speed and success rate of residential proxies were tested?

The average residential proxies' response time and success rate provided on our website are based on Proxyway's research. Proxyway is an independent educational platform dedicated to the research and testing of proxy providers and services.

How do I buy and start using residential proxies?

  1. Create your Smartproxy account, verify your email address, and navigate to the Residential Proxies tab on the dashboard's left-side menu.
  2. Choose the subscription that matches your needs. You can opt for a 3-day free trial option, purchase the proxies using Smart Wallet credits or your preferred payment method. We accept various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Amex, and you can stay safe and sound – 256-bit SSL protects your information.
  3. And now you are ready to set up your proxies:
    - Authenticate your proxies with username:password or whitelisted IPs.
    - Select proxy location: random or targeting specific country, city, or US state.
    - Choose session type: rotate IPs per request or keep one for up to 30 min.
    - Pick output format: endpoint:port, HTTPS, or SOCKS5.
    - Integrate proxies with your third-party software, bots, and scripts.
    - Monitor statistics of traffic usage, requests, and top targets.

When in need, rely on our extensive help docs or drop a line to our 24/7 tech support.

Try Residential Proxies for Free!

Get a 3-day free trial with 100MB and experience the ease of use of our residential proxies.

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