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Buy an Affordable US Proxy

Get high-definition IP addresses from our residential, mobile, and shared datacenter USA proxy pool. Land yourself in any state or major city in the United States!

City- and state-level targeting
Advanced rotation
Intuitive setup
Flexible pricing
24/7 tech support
14-day money-back option

US proxies


Mask yourself with our US residential and mobile IPs

Need to access geo-restricted content in the United States? Or simply want to be from the so-called Land of Liberty? At Smartproxy, we guarantee an industry-leading US proxy service!

Our US residential proxies boast a success rate of 99.47%, a high standard of security, and an unmatched response time of <0.6s.

As for our US mobile proxies, users love their ability to stay undetected by even the most sophisticated anti-proxy software. They're great for bypassing geo-blocking, running automation tools, and managing multiple social media accounts.


Trust in our reliable US datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies offer an optimal balance between quality and cost. Our US datacenter proxies are powerful, stable, and fast like nothing else (<0.3s). On top of that, you get flexible subscription plan options:

  • Pay-per-GB: access a large pool of rotating proxies, and pay only for the traffic you use.
  • Pay-per-IP: build a custom setup by choosing the number of IPs and traffic you need.

Get the best USA proxy type for you







Best for

Multi-accounting management, Market intelligence, Ads verification & management.

Market intelligence, Cyber security, Browsing.

Multi-accounting management, Ads verification & management, Market intelligence.


195+ locations, City-level targeting <0.6s response time, 99.47% success rate, Pay As You Go.

Worldwide locations, 100K+ shared IPs, 400+ subnets, <0.3s response time, Flexible pricing.

3G/4G/5G proxies, 160+ locations, OS filtering, 700+ carriers, Pay As You Go.

Pay for


GBs or IPs + GBs


Why Smartproxy's US proxies are the way to go

Ethically-sourced IPs

Ethically-sourced IPs

Smartproxy is completely GDPR-compliant. Our US proxy pool contains legit IP addresses – they come from partners who are all about doing business the right way and holding themselves to high ethical standards.

Easy to set up proxies

Easy to set up proxies

Our dash is just perfect for managing proxies hassle-free. You can track stats like traffic usage, requests, and top targets. Bonus tip: to activate the US IPs in just a few clicks, use our Chrome or Firefox extensions.

City-level targeting

City-level targeting

Our residential US IP addresses allow you to connect to any location. You’ll need to select your target area on our dash. We offer to land you in the largest American cities and states.

24/7 tech support

24/7 tech support

If you get stuck or need a hand picking the right proxy type for your case, no worries! Just jump into LiveChat, and our awesome tech wizards will help you out. They'll quickly solve any problems so you can get back on track in no time.

USA proxy locations by cities and states

Why you SHOULDN'T try free proxies

Inefficient free proxies

Most free proxy networks are known to harvest users' data and insert malicious code. And that's not all – free proxies are often:

  • Inefficient and easily recognized by targeted sites, so more prone to blocking;
  • Real slowpokes. When it comes to delivering results, you might have to wait a while.

Look, you don't have to deal with the downside of free US proxies. Paid US proxies outperform free proxies every time. So, enjoy safe, reliable, and fast proxies by choosing a trusted Smartproxy US proxy network!

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Frequently asked questions about US proxies

What is a US proxy server?

A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between you and the internet. It receives, forwards, and retrieves data for connection requests on your behalf. So, a US proxy server is an online identity that indicates a location in the United States when making requests on the internet.

How do I get a US proxy?

You can get US proxies in a few simple steps!

At Smartproxy, buy a residential, mobile, or datacenter proxy plan. Then, go to the Endpoint generator section in the Proxy setup tab of your proxy on the dashboard. Select the location to be the USA. Then, copy the generated endpoint that appears before your eyes, insert it in your code, and voilà – you’re cooking with US proxies.

How can I check my proxy?

To check if your proxy is working properly, you can fire off a request to The result will tell you your IP address, location, and other details. If they match the parameters you’ve chosen, then the proxy is working! You can find complete code examples in cURL, Python, and other languages on our dashboard after you purchase a proxy plan.

What is a US proxy address?

A US proxy address is an online identity that pinpoints a location in the United States. In other words, it’s an IP address with a US origin.

Why should you NOT use a free United States proxy?

Using a free US proxy service can be dangerous as it may harvest your data and insert malicious code. Furthermore, such proxies are usually inefficient, slow, and easily recognized by the targeted websites.

We recommend steering clear of free US proxies. Instead, why not enjoy a safe and fast proxy solution that also provides around-the-clock customer support? Go ahead, and get your money’s worth – check out our American proxy network!

Buy Affordable US Proxies

Industry-leading residential, mobile, and datacenter USA proxies – only at Smartproxy.

14-day money-back option

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