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Stellar UAE Residential and Mobile Proxies

Step into our intricate and secure UAE proxy web. We offer residential and mobile proxies, expertly woven to match the highest stability and performance standards.

City-level targeting
Advanced rotation
Pay As You Go option
24/7 tech support
99.99% uptime
14-day money-back option
Residential and mobile proxies in UAE

United Arab Emirates proxies

UAE residential proxies

Become a local in the UAE with our residential proxies

Our residential proxies originate from desktop and mobile devices within the United Arab Emirates. It’s the best proxy server for UAE because of its speed, geo-targeting options, pool size, and other features.

Wish to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or another UAE city? Well, join our residential proxy network, and you’ll appear like you’re from any major Emirati city, undetectable by prying eyes.

Use our rotating UAE proxies to easily and safely access geo-restricted content, collect public data, monitor SERP rankings, explore multi-accounting, test ads, and engage in a range of other online activities.

UAE mobile proxies

Keep a low profile in the UAE with our mobile proxies

Choose our UAE mobile proxies, supported by 3G/4G/5G networks, ideal for emulating typical smartphone and tablet user behavior as they come from the country’s mobile carriers.

We offer mobile IP addresses with a stellar reputation, exceptionally suited for navigating sophisticated websites with anti-proxy systems. Take advantage of our free advanced targeting options, which include OS filtering, access to 700+ ASNs, and country- and city-level geo-targeting.

Our Emirati mobile proxies are flexible for a multitude of use cases, such as web scraping, AdTech, fraud detection, social media automation, mobile app development, and more!

What sets Smartproxy apart

A brand you can trust

A brand you can trust

Year after year, Smartproxy is a top-tier proxy provider. See our many positive reviews and trust that we deliver as promised.

Simplicity guaranteed

Simplicity guaranteed

Our documentation is packed with all the key information you’ll need to handle proxies with ease.

Quick as a flash

Quick as a flash

We take pride in our industry-leading proxy speed. The average response time of our residential proxies clocks in at under 0.61 seconds.

14-day money-back

14-day money-back

Enjoy maximum performance worry-free. Buy a proxy plan and decide within 14 days. Not impressed? We'll refund you (terms apply).

UAE proxies are full of awesomeness

<0.61s average response time

<0.61s average response time

195+ locations

195+ locations

Unlimited connections & threads

Unlimited connections & threads

Advanced proxy rotation

Advanced proxy rotation



Up to 30 min sticky sessions

Up to 30 min sticky sessions

Intuitive setup

Intuitive setup

Awesome 24/7 tech support

Awesome 24/7 tech support

Real residential IPs worldwide

How it works:

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Free UAE proxies are a bad idea

Free UAE proxies

Free UAE proxies may seem appealing, but believe us, they're more trouble than worth.

Using free UAE proxies, you risk jeopardizing your device and getting your personal data leaked online. Free proxies are usually sluggish, undependable, and frequently detected by the websites you want to visit.

Why settle for less when you can have a service that truly supports you? Choose a reliable and secure proxy provider with round-the-clock customer service – explore Smartproxy’s UAE proxy network!

Fastest residential proxies

Pick a plan that suits you. Get ahead with unblockable and stable proxies.


No commitment




2 GB

Save 14%



Total: $14

$12 +VAT billed monthly

8 GB

Save 21%



Total: $56

$44 +VAT billed monthly


25 GB

Save 26%



Total: $175

$130 +VAT billed monthly

50 GB

Save 30%



Total: $350

$245 +VAT billed monthly

With each plan you access


55M+ ethically-sourced IPs


HTTPS & SOCKS5 support


99.47% success rate


24/7 tech support


Unlimited concurrent sessions


Country, city & ZIP code targeting


<0.6s average response time


Rotating and sticky sessions

100 GB

Save 36%



Total: $700

$450 +VAT billed monthly

SSL Secure Payment

Your information is protected by 256-bit SSL


Not sure which plan to go for?

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Frequently asked questions about UAE proxies

What is a proxy?

A proxy acts as an intermediary server between the user and the internet. It lets users browse the web anonymously by masking their original IP address.

What are the UAE proxy use cases?

UAE proxies can be used for a variety of purposes. Namely, data collection, AdTech, SEO research, multi-accounting, and bot automation, among other tasks. Emirati proxies are particularly useful for both companies and individuals aiming to establish a local digital footprint in the UAE.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy gives the user the IP address of a genuine household device in a different geographical location. These IPs come from ISPs, ensuring excellent anonymity and the ability to bypass blocks.

What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy routes the user’s online traffic through a mobile device’s network connection to provide a different online identity. With a mobile proxy, users can access the internet as if they were using a mobile device in a specific (pre-selected or random) location.

How to use WhatsApp with a proxy?

To use WhatsApp with a proxy, configure your device's network settings to route WhatsApp traffic through the proxy server. Specific steps may vary depending on your device and proxy type. Consult our documentation on how to integrate proxies on your smartphone. And remember, you can always contact our 24/7 tech support team via LiveChat.

How to use a United Arab Emirates proxy?

Feel free to buy our residential or mobile proxies to get an Emirati IP address. They're easy to set up across a range of smart devices and software, including popular browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Consult our detailed documentation for more info, or shoot a line to our 24/7 support team via LiveChat.

Buy Ideal Emirati Proxies

Industry-leading residential and mobile UAE proxies – only at Smartproxy.

14-day money-back option

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