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What is a botnet?

A bot is a program created to execute tasks autonomously without human input. But what possibilities arise when equipped with a fleet of bots? A botnet is a network of compromised devices, often called "bots" that are controlled by a single entity. These devices are usually infected with malicious software that allows the attacker to control them remotely. 

How does a botnet work?

Bots follow predefined scripts and algorithms to execute their designated tasks. They are triggered by specific cues or commands, ranging from keywords to social media messages. Bots come in various types, categorized by their design and operating methods:

  1. Automation: Enables the completion of repetitive tasks without human intervention.
  2. Computer vision: Aims to replicate human vision digitally.
  3. Machine learning: Utilizes patterns to generate human-like responses, enhancing chatbot interactions, as seen in Replika AI.

Bots can serve both beneficial and malicious purposes. While good bots enhance user experience and automate tasks, malicious bots, crafted by hackers, may disseminate malware, steal sensitive data, or incorporate infected computers into botnets.

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