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How to Set up Residential Proxies for ZennoPoster

Learn how to set up residential proxies on ZennoPoster.

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How to Set up Residential Proxies for ZennoPoster

ZennoPoster integration:

1. Open ProjectMaker for ZennoPoster  application to create or edit your project.

2. If you have a project already, click on the Open... button. If you are creating a new project, click on the Record  button. If you are editing an existing project, skip to step 6  of this tutorial.

zennoposter integration

3. To test proxies, you will first need to find a target website. For this tutorial, we will be using a website which checks your IP address. Change the about:startpage line to your target website and click on the Go to page button.

zennoposter integration

4. As you do that, you should see your pathway in the Project tab.

zennoposter integration

5. Right-click the pathway box, select the option to Add action. Then find Browser and select Settings.

zennoposter integration

6. You should now see an Undefined action box available. If it's outside of your pathway box, click and drag it back to it. Make sure that the path from Start goes to that Undefined action  you have just created.

zennoposter integration

7. Click on the Undefined action box and find the Action properties tab. Hit the Select action button and select Set proxy action.

zennoposter integration

8. ZennoPoster accepts username:password@ip:port format. Use it accordingly to the endpoint and sub-user you wish to use. To enter proxy details, edit the field below Set proxy action. You can rename the box itself as you wish by editing the field below Action properties. If you have your IP whitelisted, you can simply use hostname:port format.

zennoposter integration

9. Your project should now be ready. Hit the Restart  button under Recording and debug the option Yes, step by step  in the prompt and save it.

zennoposter integration

10. To test it, hit the Play button and wait for the page to load.

zennoposter integration
zennoposter integration

11. You can save your project and import it to ZennoPoster itself for further tests with your target website.

How to Add Proxy Servers in ZennoPoster

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